01 - Nov - 2019


Sport & Outdoor Special Offers 2020, with Direct Booking only!!

Climber or MTB lover ? Finale Ligure is the perfect destination for your holidays, the “Outdoor Sports Capital” offer amazing spot all-round the year for any activities. MTB trails among the best in Europe, once again stage of the EWS Enduro World Series ,hundreds of different rock ways for climbers unique in the south of Europe.

Breathtaking paths trough the hills to hike and for  nordic walking practicer .
Find out our special offer and services  dedicated to our sport guests :
Safe Bikeroom,to store and wash your bike, guide service even for road bike and shuttle on request.

Contact us and discover our offers for the new season 2020

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28 - Mar - 2018

Your next Holiday in Finale Ligure


Why don’t you have a look at this paradise in the North West of Italy?
live the experience, enjoy the nature and breathtaking landscapes
visit Finale Ligure stay @ Hotel San Pietro Palace

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See you soon in Finale Ligure!

31 - May - 2017

Trussardi Parfums Event 30 May 2017

Evento Trussardi Parfums

Thank you once again to all our valuable guests !

Has been a pleasure and an honour  being a part of such a great event.

See you soon  in Finale Ligure

03 - May - 2017

Top hiking & walking in Finale Ligure!!

Top hiking & walking in Finale Ligure!!

Hiking&walking through Finale Ligure outdoor

Finale Ligure is one of the top destination to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean landscapes and outdoor, breathtaking views of the sea from the hilltops around the old fishermen village of Varigotti is one of the most famous for the hiking lovers.

An extraordinary variety of different paths,with different level of difficulty makes Finale Ligure the perfect place for families and visitors of all ages.

Get all the information you need, and all the equipment you’ll may need from one of the many outdoor shops in the area.

Find some info on https://www.facebook.com/outpostfinale/

See you soon in the outdoor paradise!!!

22 - Apr - 2017

DH Men Trail

DH MEN Trail

Located in the hills above  Varigotti.this trail offer a breathtaking view of the whole  coast reaching on sight even the Gallinara Island.

This is a very Technic trail suitable more for downhill than enduro style. The first part offer a great Flow, with curves and jumps, no such a good grip due to the grevelly soil. However it remains really exciting. Descending the hills ’til a light pole,then straight just over the rocks facing the sea from above.

High spectacularity and amazing landscapes makes this trail a must, during the Enduro World Series.

Strongly recommended to expert riders



22 - Apr - 2017

Toboga Di Canova

Toboga di Canova Video&Descrizione

One of the finest trail in the area usually the first of the day due to his flow and low level of difficulty long curves and edges all over the way and jumps makes it adrenalinic.

Rocky soil on the first part, flow lovers get theirs dream transormed in the reality during the middle part of this trail that ends with an almost plain path inbetween a pines wood…amazing.



22 - Apr - 2017

San Michele Trail

San Michele Trail Video&descrizione

This trail is not for everyone: hard and deep technique is required, thiught call for the rider’s concentration.

Really good flow in the first part : single-track inbetween  mezzo agli alberi Mediterrean trees, good smell from the aromatic herbs all over the bush around. rocky steps from the middle part …canions  which demands good balance and controll skills up to an old church called San Michele, that gives the name to the trail.

The last part is the most technic until the end at the old village of Noli.: isoil is roccky and descend quickly ,with some  switchback , part of the Enduro World Series track, and probably  considered the best trail among the riders of the area. Have fun and follow the flow.



22 - Apr - 2017

“Legnaia” Trail

Legnaia Trail Description & Video

One of the shortest trail in the area, however among the most exiting.

Starting in the Village of Carbuta close the old church of S.Rocco it goes all the way down to Orco Feglino.

rocky soil mostly during all the trail  , not too technic gives the rider the chance to find a perfect “Flow”.

Suitable for every rider .

10 - Apr - 2017

New Jekyll launch in Finale Ligure @San Pietro Palace

"New Jekyll" launch in Finale Ligure!!

Thanking once again the Cannondale Group that chose Finale Ligure for his “New Jekyll” launch.
Having you here has been a pleasure and a big honour. It was an exiting and awesome week for all of us!
A special thanks to Louise Paolin, Alessandro Merlini, Julia Glaser, Katherine Diaz, Haug Jens for their great job in organizing this event, that make all this possible.
See you all soon !

Look at all the picture of the event !!!

20 - Mar - 2017

Madonna della Guardia trail


Madonna probably one of the most famous trail in the area of  Finale Ligure, also part of the “special stage” of the EWS Enduro World Series.

no suitable for rookies, tough rider can prove themselves using all their skills in order to face the endless series of curves and rock-garden. Until the last part lterally on the rocks !!!



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