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The territory of Finale Ligure is historically divided into four districts – Marina, Borgo, Pia and Varigotti – each with its own particularities, its treasures and its ancient stories to unveil to our guests which we suggest going to the discovery of the three villages on the sea the lively Finalmarina, the more rural Finalpia and pretty neighborhood of Varigotti and the ancient inland Finalborgo, the domain of the Marquis del Carretto from durable and glorious past, without missing the colorful little areas (non so bene come tradurre il concetto italiano di “frazione”) of Gorra, Monticello, Olle, Perti, Calvisio , Verzi and Le Manie.


A special note deserves Finalborgo that for years now has been admitted to the National Club of “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”. The Club was created to promote the great heritage of history, art, culture, environment and traditions present in these small Italian towns, ancient and fascinating places, chests of immense cultural and environmental heritage often unknown.
An alternative to mass tourism for those who enjoy a quality tourism and want to live slower and more careful to stay an experience.
8 ancient villages in the province of Savona have been admitted to the Club
To our guests the pleasure of their discovery, starting of course from Finalborgo.
The old village had the greatest development during the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of the Marquisate of Finale, ruled by the Del Carretto and in Spain (seventeenth century).
Del Carretto family ruled the Marquis of Finale until 1602. The country then passed under Habsburg rule until 1713. With the extinction of the Habsburgs the Final Marquis was sold to Genoa. After the Restoration the Ligurian republic came under the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1814 and then after the unification of Italy in the Kingdom of Italy since 1861. Finalborgo remained an independent municipality until 1927, when the four municipalities of Finalborgo, Finalmarina and Finalpia and Varigotti were united to form the town of Finale Ligure.

To know more about Finalborgo and all the ancient villages of Savona:


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